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Florae, regional plant species, are autotrophs. Fungi, like humans, are heterotrophs. Fungi rely entirely on carbon provided by other organisms while flora use inorganic carbon and energy like sunlight to manufacture their own food. But there is a symbiotic relationship between flora and fungi. For example, some fungi living within grasses pass on to their host an increased resistance to herbivores and other environmental stressors, and in return get food and shelter from the plant. More than 90% of all plant species engage in relationships with fungi and both are dependent upon these relationships for survival.

These pictures place flora and fungi within human-made settings rather than in their own indigenous habitats or capture their playful antics as humanized characters. The photographs celebrate a splendid lily braving a frosty winter window, the surprising sight of mushrooms chatting in a bird nest, the elegant portrait of an elderly milkweed, a mushroom dancing with its own reflection, the splendor of daisies and onions resting in jars and pots.

These images bring the delight of flora and fungi into humanity’s world with the intriguing idea that in the spirit of symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships, all life will thrive.